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#Participant: pamela.outlandish.academy Pamela Outlandish Start Page - where my own work starts (separate from the welcome page)

For a useful introduction to Outlandish Academy see Trevor's Welcome Visitors page

Follow Changes to this Site to see what we are Currently Working On or check: - Pamela's Activity - Feast Activity - Outlandish Activity - Fantsuam Outlandish Home Gavin's - Research Group Activity copied from Andrew Orford's site - Site not yet added - http://africa.xh2027.org/view/welcome-visitors/view/welcome-visitors_rev3 - Site not yet added - updates.xh2027.org

Useful pages include:

- David's Sites load this to get loads of sites into my neighbourhood if I want to do a search. - FEAST Website - Fedwiki Tools - Local Changes - Start Here - Writing with Strangers - Temp A page for trying things out - usually left blank

From this page you can find who we are and what we do. New sites provide this information and then claim the site as their own. You will need your own site to participate.

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FEAST Researchers REFERENCES wiki.feast.fm/feast-researchers

All Pamela's Sites REFERENCES pamela.xh2027.org/pamela-mclean

Outlandish Researchers REFERENCES outlandish.academy/outlandish-researchers